Saturday, April 10, 2010

News from Canada

The small FWBO/Triratna Sangha in Eastern Canada continues to grow, with a recent visit from Harshaprabha. He writes to say -

“I visited Guelph (a little way outside Toronto) twice between November 2009 to mid February 2010, on both occasions staying with various friends who have an appreciation of the Triratna Buddhist Community.

“We ran 4 newcomers events over the weekend 28 and 29th November - and I was delighted to be assisted by Jayasiddhi. He had spent several months at Gampo Abbey in Nova Scotia and just completed a solitary retreat in Newfoundland. He made good connections with those he met and liked being in the City of Guelph.

Jayasiddhi is one of just four Order Members who have visited us in Guelph over the years. The others being Vibhatika and Hasavajra in 2004 (but both before they were ordained!), and Khemavira in 2005. I do hope other Order Members will manage to visit in the coming years.

“Readers might be interested to know that Anagarika Dharmapala was the first significant Buddhist visitor to Guelph in November 1896 when the population was approximately 18,000 - now it’s about 115,000! On his way there from Chicago he wrote in his diary “If the Canadian trip succeeds the future is good. This is the burden of my concentration”. Once in Guelph Dharmapala attended private gatherings and gave talks on the Dharma, emphasizing brotherhood and also on the threads that are common to all religions.

“I would still like to spend a larger part of my year in Guelph and Toronto spreading the Dharma. To date, life’s conditions have not conspired to allow that to happen but we do have a website and an on-line fundraising page where well-wishers can donate to this good cause - you’ll find it at:



Following the FWBO’s change of name to Triratna, they’ve been quick off the mark to rename their website, and are now to be found at



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