Saturday, March 27, 2010

New German Dharma publication

Amogharatna writes from the FWBO’s Berlin Centre with news of their latest publication - a guide to all the most commonly used Dharma terms. He says -

“On 16th March 2010 in the context of a Sangha evening at the Buddhistisches Tor Berlin, Ashvajit launched the publication of the German translation of his and Cittapala's popular booklet 'A Garland of Terms'. Beginning as a purely personal project to improve his German, Amogharatna spent several years systematically collecting translations for the terms in the booklet and later realised that a German edition of the title would be much appreciated.

“With the assistance of Elisabeth Bendlin and Aryadeva who checked and improved the translations, Harald Eckhoff who translated the Prefaces, and Andreas Eikelkamp who provided the index and worked on the layout, the booklet is published as 'Buddhistische Begriffe und Listen, die man kennen sollte', which translates into English as 'Buddhist Terms and Lists, that one should know'.

“Proceeds from the sale of the booklet will go towards helping to finance the new FWBO centre in Berlin, which is planned to open in 2011.

“Copies of the booklet (ISBN 978-3-00-030568-9) can be purchased from Buddhistisches Tor for 5 Euros plus postage. Contact the centre on More information about the new centre project can be found at

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