Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Abhayaratna Trust launches, makes first awards to Order Members in need

Jnanamitra writes with news of the launch of a new Trust, the first dedicated to helping Order Members in the face of sickness, old age or disability.  It’s called the Abhayaratna Trust, and she says -

“What would your life be like if the Buddhist Centre where you first learned to meditate wasn’t there, or the retreat centre had not been started?

“The Buddhist Centres of the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order, (likely soon to be renamed the Triratna Buddhist Community), only exist because of the dedicated hard work of pioneering Order Members.  Many of these people lived on low levels of support while they gave themselves to pioneering the places that we now use and enjoy.

“It is important to us that the members of the Western Buddhist Order (likely soon to be renamed the Triratna Buddhist Order), are cared for in their older years, especially as many of them will not have any pension.  We can play a role in supporting their spiritual lives into active old age.

“A new Trust has been established, the Abhayaratna Trust.  It’s the first Western Buddhist Order/Triratna Buddhist Order benevolent fund.  We’re inviting members of the Sangha to include it in their Wills - any legacies received will go toward the needs of older members of the Order.  This is a way of leaving money to the Western Buddhist Order, leaving money to the Triratna Buddhist Order, and knowing that it will be well used.

The new Trust, which has been specifically created for this purpose, will ensure that your money goes quickly to help older Order members lead active spiritual lives, so that they are looked after.

“The new Trust is named after the first Buddhist Order Member to leave a legacy for the benefit of the Order, Dharmachari Abhayaratna.  His name means Fearless Jewel – Abhaya means fearless, and Ratna means Jewel – now part of the new name for the Order, Triratna, Three Jewels.

“Facing death involves fearlessness; he was a jewel in the Order, and left his legacy to the Order he loved.

“Here’s a way to express your gratitude at being able to use the Buddhist Centres and Retreat Centres that older members of the Order have created. 

To make a contribution now, or to find out how to include the Trust in your Will, click on the website link below.

“In December the Trust gave away the first grants, 11 Order members benefitted, most from the UK but two from further afield, and a grant was given to the Order in India.

“The Trust is now set up to give away grants to individual order members in need, and with more money from regular donations and from legacies more people will be helped.

“Dharmacharini Jnanamitra
Secretary, the Abhayaratna Trust
March 2010  

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Hey Jnanamitra,
Thanks for this - be good to know who has benefitted so far from the Trust and what they've used the funding for.

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