Thursday, March 25, 2010

20th anniversary of the death of Dhardo Rimpoche

Thanks goes to Suvajra for letting us know (via Facebook) that yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the death of Dhardo Rimpoche, one of Sangharakshita's eight main Buddhist Teachers.

Thanks also to Silajala for sending us the verses Sangharashita composed for the occasion of his funeral, which we're pleased to reproduce below.

Readers interested to learn more about Dhardo Rimpoche (and Sangharashita's other Buddhist teachers) may like to listen to his talk on the subject, available on here on FreeBuddhistAudio, or Padmavajra's, entitled Dhardo Rimpoche and the Bodhisattva Tradition.

Rejoicing in the Merits of Dhardo Rimpoche

I rejoice in the merits
Of the Guru of Dhartsendo;
I rejoice in his life
Of mindfulness and compassion.
I rejoice in his confident turning
Of the Wheel of the Immaculate Dharma,
And in his faultless wielding
Of the Diamond Sceptre of Wisdom.
I rejoice in his proclamation
To his disciples both young and old,
To his disciples both near and far,
Of the threefold inspiring message
To cherish the Doctrine, live united, and radiate love.
I rejoice in his practice
Of the six perfections:
In his practice of unfailing Generosity;
In his practice of flawless Ethics and Manners;
In his practice of infinite Forbearance;
In his practice of inexhaustible Vigour;
In his practice of unshakeable Concentration;
In his practice of profound and far-reaching Wisdom.
Humbly and heartily,
Gratefully and reverentially,
With body, speech, and mind,
I rejoice in the merits
Of the Guru of Dhartsendo,
I rejoice in the merits
Of Dhardo Rimpoche.

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