Monday, April 05, 2010

Introducing the Sangharakshita Land Project

Mokshapriya writes from Birmingham, UK, with news of a major new initiative in the FWBO - the Sangharakshita Land Project. It will see a major move of some of the FWBO’s central institutions - and Sangharakshita himself - away from the Birmingham suburbs to a new, as yet unfound, piece of land and property somewhere in the British countryside.

He says -

“Many may have heard that Bhante is interested in finding a new country centre to form a focal point for our mandala. Karunika, Vajrasadhu and Mokshapriya, in dialogue with the Trustees of FWBO Central and others, have started a search for a sizeable piece of land as Bhante has proposed.

“For those who would like to keep in touch with the progress we're making with this project or to have an easy way to share thoughts and ideas, I’ve created a blog at the following address:

In the blog itself, under ‘Working out the essentials’, he goes on to explain some of the thinking behind the new project -

“We know there’ll be an appropriate new home for Bhante and his support community. There’ll also be his ‘library’ which I put in inverted commas because it’s not the right word. Actually I don’t have a single word because apart from his books we have his archives, letters, documents relating to his personal history and the Movement’s history, and his treasures. This ‘library’, which he wants to personally supervise, is a veritable treasury embodying our Order’s spiritual history.

“Next to that goes a Dharma Training Centre which focuses, naturally, on Bhante’s teachings with study, exploration and practice. This will be primarily aimed at the Order.

“We will also need to house the administrative work: FWBO Uddiyana, Order Office, Tiratna Trust, Liaison Office, FWBO Development Office etc, etc - sounds like a lot but it’s just a few people really.

“There will also be space for single sex communities. Perhaps just two initially but I guess that all depends on who wants to live there. Bhante has suggested communities for senior Order members both active and ‘retired’ (that’s probably my word). Perhaps I should say senior Order members no longer involved in direction but who are clearly ‘points of reference’ and Kalyana Mitras and widely respected - i.e. a source of spiritual support who other Order members naturally go to for guidance.

“Then there’ll need to be guest facilities to ensure people from around the world can visit comfortably.

“We also need land.

“I’m really happy that Bhante has specified elemental and sublime landscape (rather than pastoral). We need a place that uplifts, inspires and supports meditation. A mythic environment which is, in itself, a place people will want to be and can make their own. Land brings other opportunities too - apart from beautiful gardens we can grow fruit and vegetables which could even lead to market gardening if there were interested folk. I guess what happens will depend on Order members coming forward with their own energy and enthusiasm.

“In many ways the most important element of all in this project hasn’t yet been mentioned and it’s so crucial I’ll start a new entry called ‘pilgrimage’”.

If you want to find out more you’ll have to visit the blog itself - you’ll find it at And does anyone know anywhere suitable that’s for sale? - seriously!

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