Friday, April 09, 2010

Changing Self Changing World - upcoming young men's weekend

News is just in from Jonathan Heddle and Ivan Trujillo from Windhorse:Evolution in Cambridge of an upcoming Buddhafield East weekend for young men.

We don’t usually advertise details of specific events here but there’s always room for an exception - they seem to be catching a wave of new energy for Buddhist practice as changing the world - as well as the self of course.

Aryapala, one of the organisers, says -

"Calling all men in their teens, 20's and 30's to a weekend camping in the wilds of Norfolk. Set in a beautiful field in Tuttington Norfolk, the venue has excellent facilities including a large round house with a wood stove, hot showers & sauna, a large tipi with a fire pit, and a woodhenge.

"We'll be contemplating Sangharakshita's radical vision of changing self and world and how we are living it. 
There will be a talk by Padmavajra (a senior Order member who has been a practicing Buddhist since he was 16) helping to expand on this vision of transforming oneself and the world around us.

"The weekend is open to men with some experience of FWBO meditation practices.

"Please invite anyone you know who would benefit.  Price £20/£35/£50 (you choose depending on what you can afford)"

More details on Facebook or the Buddhafield East website.  Dates are April 16-18. Book soon!

Lots more stuff for younger people on the Young Buddhists Facebook group for instance an invitation by Saraha for men to join him a week of wandering and wild camping in the Pyrenees straight after the International retreat.


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