Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Foundation stone laying ceremony for Amaravati sangha

Big news is just in from Amitayus at the FWBO/TBMSG’s thriving sangha in Amaravati, central India, where they have big plans for a new social/dhamma centre to accommodate their growing activities.

The new centre has just received its name from Sangharakshita - it’ll be known as the Anathapindaka Vihara. They are celebrating by conducting the foundation stone laying ceremony this 14th April - which Indiaphiles will recognise as the 119th birth anniversary of the great dhamma and social revolutionary Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Amitayus writes -

“Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s birth anniversary and foundation of new Anathapindaka Vihar and Social Work Centre at Amravati will be marked by laying the foundation stone by the auspicious hands of Dhammachari Lokamitra the pioneer of TBMSG-FWBO in South Asia.

Urgyen Sangharakshita named this project and gave us his blessing in the following words -

"I am delighted to learn that, with the help of the Dhammamitras, the Dhammacharis and Dhammacharinis of the Vidharbha region are establishing a centre where the Dhamma can be taught and from which social work can be carried on.

“I heartily congratulate all those who are involved in bringing this noble and worthwhile project to a successful conclusion.

“Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar's Dhamma revolution has brought the Buddha’s sublime message to millions of people who were living in darkness and it is our duty to continue the mission he started.

“Social work must be based on the principles of the Dhamma, and the Dhamma must find expression in social work. The institution you are establishing therefore has this double function, i.e. to be a place where the Dhamma is practised and taught and from which social, educational, and medical activities are conducted. I am confident that with the support of all concerned it will be a source of blessing to hundreds of thousands of people within the Vidharbha region.

(sd) Sangharakshita"

“Anathapindaka was a leading disciple of the Buddha. His name means ‘He who gives food to those who are without a protector’, i.e. to orphans and to those who were destitute. Thus he is associated with both the teaching of the Dhamma and with helping the poor and distressed.

“The venue for the ceremony is our proposed site, at Bhumiputra Colony, Congress Nagar, Amaravati. It will be great to see you on this event.

“At Amaravati we serve urban, rural and tribal Buddhists - in fact we are the second biggest Dhamma and social centre after Nagaloka in Nagpur. The need of our new centre arises due to the long-lasting demand of infrastructure from the local Buddhists and those who want to know and practice the Dhamma - both new Buddhists and non Buddhists.

Children's activities at Amaravati
“This new infrastructure will replace the existing rented building that we use for our social activity including HOSTEL, YOUTH, WOMEN AND CHILD Empowerment programmes. Other needs that this building will satisfy are

• Shelter for the hostel boys from rural tribal areas  seeking Residence for their education
• Women’s and children training and guidance centre
• Youth empowerment, training and employment centre .
• Community Hall.
• Bahujan Hitaya project office.
• Vihar and residence for guest and trainees.

“The local sangha appeal and request all of us to bless and contribute to this project by supporting financially, giving time and skills which will highly be welcome.

If it is easy for you to donate online then please just click www.justgiving.com/AnathapindakaVihara. Your donation will be highly helpful.

Please reply your support, involvement, and feedback to dhammachari_amitayus@rediffmail.com

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