Thursday, March 25, 2010

new home for Brixton FWBO

Ratnachuda writes on behalf of the four Order Members who together run the FWBO’s small but much-loved group in South London, with news of their new and permanent home - they had met for years in a room attached to the open-air Lido in Brockwell Park, but had had to leave that, and had to move several times since. He says -

Brixton FWBO finally found a 'permanent' home in December when the Thursday evening Regulars' class re-located from its third temporary venue in eighteen months, as did the beginner's class led by Vimalaraja

“Vaccasin has kindly rented us the mezzanine floor of his new yoga studio, Yoga Point. The Brixton FWBO contributed funds to enable a roof truss to be taken out - this has given us a clear space that can hold 20 people meditating.

“We have a kitchen in the room that allows us to have the traditional FWBO tea break and an increasing number of regulars.

“One of the features of the new space is its shrine, recently created for us by Vaccasin - it’s made of old roof slates, so the photograph of the shrine reflects its simplicity

“Hopefully we will continue to develop the Brixton FWBO and our new home will give us a much needed impetus.

“metta, Ratnachuda, Amarapuspa, Satyanathin and Vimalaraja

2PS - full details of all our classes are on-line at"

Reports are reaching us of new premises also for the FWBO groups in Exeter and Glastonbury - watch this space!



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