Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Compassion in the Kitchen team get busy for 2010

Jane Easton from the ‘Compassion in the Kitchen’ team reports -

“The Compassion in the Kitchen team comprises of three practising Buddhists, Achintya, Birgit and Jane, all of whom who are linked to the FWBO.

"Having run two successful retreats at Paddington Farm in 2008 and 2009, we decided to take it further and run several this year, starting in May 14-16, at Anybody’s Barn nr Malvern, midway between Bristol and Birmingham. It took us a while to find the right venue but we’ve got it now and we’re good to go!

"CITK events aren’t traditional FWBO retreats as such but include meditation, study and ethics to extend/anchor the hands-on cooking. The May event will feature hands on, planet-friendly cooking with myself; seasoned with mindfulness meditation, workshops, and study led by Achintya and Birgit Muller. You get to cook and eat tasty, animal-free recipes to support your care for our world, whatever your current dietary persuasion!

"It’s open to everyone - from experienced Buddhists or other spiritual practitioners to those who’ve only done a little meditation or quiet sitting. It’s for all those interested in exploring the many issues around what we eat – we hope to get meat-eaters, meat-reducers and all shades of dietary choice!

"FFI click on www.compassion-in-the-kitchen.org.uk and go to Events/CITK Events/Bookings. Or check our online poster".


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