Monday, September 06, 2010

Breathworks Launch Facebook News Page

Vilasavajra writes from Breathworks, Triratna’s very successful Manchester-based Right Livelihood. They’re a social enterprise helping people to live well with pain, illness and stress using Mindfulness.

He’s got news of their new Facebook page, and says -

“Wishing to bring this approach to more people and so help alleviate the suffering of pain and stress around the world, we have launched a new Facebook news page.

"Become a fan to keep updated on ideas and developments in mindfulness-related issues. We'd love to hear your comments, thoughts, experiences and questions too”.

It looks great: the latest entry reads -

“Just finished a very successful and inspiring grads retreat - 19 people who have completed a mindfulness-based "living well" course. Many with pain and health problems and yet the retreat was full of joy and laughter. Will be posting "mindfulness of kite flying in a gale" video soon!”

The Facebook URL is and their website is

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