Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Worldwide Triratna Buddhist Community sangha mapped by Aryaloka

As part of Aryaloka Retreat Center’s 25th anniversary celebrations in the US (reported on Triratna News yesterday); Pete Ingraham from the Aryaloka Sangha has produced a map showing for the first time just where the Triratna Sangha is located - worldwide.

Using Google mapping and data provided by Lokabandhu from the Triratna Development team over in the UK, he’s produced a remarkable poster available on-line: click here for the medium (7MB) and large (13MB) sizes.

Especially interesting is their mapping of where Aryaloka’s Friends, Mitras, and Order Members live around America’s East Coast - and opposite that, the many Triratna centres and groups scattered across India.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is umfortunately no Triratna Centre in Hamburg, Germany. There is a group


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