Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bodhi Mind, Bodhi Living - new Right Livelihood in Sydney

Nick Maddocks writes from Triratna’s Sydney Sangha to say -

“Next time you’re in Australia make sure you visit Bodhi Books and Gifts - our exciting new Team-Based Right-Livelihood (TBRL) based in Newtown, epicentre of the Sydney Sangha. With the arrival of Bodhi, TBRL is now an integral part of the greater mandala in the Sydney Sangha, taking its place alongside the Green Elephant (our Op Shop), and Windhorse Books - plus of course the Centre itself!

Bodhi, in which I work, is in walking distance of the Sydney Buddhist Centre (24 Enmore Rd, Newtown) It started life in December 2007, being launched off the back of the well established (and still operating) Windhorse Books, which was set up by Ratnajyoti over 14 years ago. Since those early days we’ve grown to a core team of four people (three Order Members and one GFR Mitra), a further four casual staff and 10-15 volunteers from the Sydney Sangha.

Bodhi specialises in trading a unique range of ethically traded giftware, as well as stocking the largest selection of Dharma literature in Australia. Bodhi's vision is to make the Dharma accessible to more Australians, to practice non-harm and generosity through ethical trade and living, and to support TBRL as an integral part of Buddhist practice within the Australian Sangha.

So, in the meantime, until you have the opportunity to drop by the shop, visit our Facebook Fan page to become a fan and receive updates:

The photograph comes from Google Street View - though taken before Bodhi's arrival on the scene!

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