Monday, August 23, 2010

Karuna Mexico acts in response to flood and hurricane

Members of Triratna’s Mexican sangha have been battling floods this month, as heavy rains and hurricanes have battered the country.

They write to say -

“This month the North of Mexico has gone through a heavy rain season and a Hurricane called "Alex", this meant many of Mexico’s poorest communities were flooded, as a consequence of living adjacent to rivers and dams which could not cope. Mexican news spoke of over 200,000 affected people, many of whom lost their homes, furnishings, and possessions.

“The photographs talk by themselves.

“Through the "Colecta Karuna" project of Mexico City Buddhist Centre, we invited people to help donating some non-perishable food, water, medicines, etc. Thanks to the support and generosity of people, we were able to gather a good amount of donations that will be useful at this time.

“We also organized an afternoon of meditation in benefit of this cause, doing meditations each hour from 2 pm to 6 pm. We closed the day with a puja dedicated to the victims, with our best wishes and positive feeling for the early resettlement and the arrival of aid.

“This puja was dedicated to Avalokitesvara in order to get in touch with the feeling of compassion to develop and expand, so our Buddhist practice was dedicated to people who are suffering at this time

“We would like to extend the invitation to that we can devote meditations and pujas in various centers of the Order to persons who suffer for whatever reason in the world.

"We end by saying - "Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu - May all beings be well, that all beings may be at peace, that all beings be free from suffering”

For more details of Colecta Karuna's work check their website

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