Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sahaja launches new website

Sahaja is a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order who has for many years made sculptures from scrap metal. Anyone who’s visited the Manchester or Sheffield Buddhist Centres, or Padmaloka Retreat Centre, will be familiar with his giant metal angels and other figures.

Now Aryamati, a friend of his, writes from the North of England to say -

“Sahaja has a new website -

"At present he can no longer afford to continue with his impressive metal sculptures, but this last year has seen a renaissance of his creativity. With paint, cut-outs, photos and brilliant colours he is devising striking paintings. These have been put on a lively website which many of us will be intrigued to visit.

“Sahaja is willing to sell some of his sculptures and new paintings. You can also commission Sahaja to make new work, for instance to draw you a portrait in this new medium, if you wish to make a present to a friend.

“He is happy to discuss his ideas with you - and the possibility of paying him monthly rather than with one lump sum.

"Sahaja earns very little, as a Care Worker, on minimum wage. He cannot afford broadband, but sometimes goes to library to read his emails, or you can contact him via his website at

“Thanks, Aryamati”

The photos show images of Sahaja’s work currently on display in the garden of Triratna’s Birmingham Buddhist Centre, plus one of his new paintings.

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