Monday, August 30, 2010

Aryaloka celebrates 25 years in America

Aryaloka, the Triratna Buddhist Community’s Retreat Center in New Hampshire, US, is busy celebrating their 25th anniversary this weekend. They say -

“In 1985 the vision of a retreat center in a quiet setting, not too far from Boston, took its first steps to being realized. Dedicated Order members, mitras, and friends moved into the domes in Newmarket, NH. Since then, a sangha of practitioners has grown steadily, calling Aryaloka their spiritual 'home'. Countless meditations, discussions, confidences, vegetarian meals, and chores have been shared over the last 25 years. Thousands of beings have been touched by the Dharma and the vision of Enlightenment that is kept alive here.

“Please join us to celebrate the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha at Aryaloka in our 25th year”.

The schedule of events is well underway, and includes -

the domes at the heart of Aryaloka Retreat Center
* Opening Ceremonies on Saturday, August 28, featuring original musical compositions by Sravaniya; procession and ritual placement of 15 foot hand-made banners as we tell a brief history of Aryaloka; mantra chanting and ritual in the Aryaloka shrine room; festive 25th Anniversary Picnic.

* Open House on Sunday 29: doors open to all members of the community, a time to enjoy a tour and hear what goes on at Aryaloka.

* A series of talks, starting with 'The Simile of Heartwood Circle', by Dayalocana, Chair of the Aryaloka Council. Dayalocana has often thought that Aryaloka's location at Heartwood Circle might have an interesting connection with the Buddha's teaching of the Simile of the Heartwood. She'll take a look at the teaching from the Pali Canon, and also what we might find at Aryaloka Buddhist Center as we search for the heartwood, Aryaloka's inner core and strength that has endured for 25 years.

There’ll also be a talk by Manjuvajra, founding Order Member of Aryaloka in 1985, entitled 'Beginnings: The conception, gestation, birth and infancy of a Buddhist Retreat Center'. Aryaloka's history can be traced back to a time eight years before it was purchased. The FWBO had to be established on American soil and then, after four years, the decision to establish a community and retreat centre was taken. Manjuvajra will talk about what led up to that leap of faith; how Aryaloka came about, helped by the generosity of some people, and hindered by extreme challenges. He will trace the development of the community and centre during the first ten years of its life and talk about the colorful characters involved in that adventure.  You should be able to find both these and more on FreeBuddhistAudio in due course.

The week will conclude with rededication ceremonies, rededicating Aryaloka to Another 25 Years of Dharma Practice - and Beyond!

They conclude by saying - “Thank you to everyone who has come in the past and who comes today to make Aryaloka a place of true practice and friendship”.

More details on their website,

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wishing you a very happy 25th anniversary. I am very excited to be visiting your centre in late October to see first hand the fruits of your labour. Thank you for your wholehearted commitment and determination in fulfilling your vision. I am indeed grateful for this opportunity.

Best Regards, Jan Hew


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