Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Update on the Sangharakshita Land Project

Triratna News first reported on the Sangharakshita Land Project back in April. It will see a major move of some of the FWBO’s central institutions - and Sangharakshita himself - away from the Birmingham suburbs to a new and large piece of land and property somewhere in the British countryside.

This will serve as the basis for multitude of new developments - a permanent home for Sangharakshita’s ‘library’ - perhaps better described as a veritable treasury embodying the Triratna Buddhist Order’s spiritual history; a Dharma Training Centre focusing on Bhante’s teachings with study, exploration and practice - primarily though not exclusively aimed at the Order; space for single sex communities, guests, and ‘retired’ Order Members - and of course for whatever may come from the land itself. Sangharakshita has specifically specified that he wants elemental and sublime landscape rather than pastoral - a place that uplifts, inspires and supports meditation, a mythic environment which is, in itself, a place people will want to be and can make their own.

Much has happened since April: the project’s objectives have been clarified; the sale of the Birmingham properties has begun; the property search has taken Vajrasadhu and Mokshapriya across the length and breadth of Britain - and their blog has expanded dramatically, most recently with a call to interested parties to come forwards and begin building the team that will be needed to fully realise the project.

To find out more, check some of their blog posts -



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