Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Community Archives at Free Buddhist Audio

Free Buddhist AudioOne of the most successful developments to come out of Free Buddhist Audio has been our community archiving project. All around the world, local Triratna projects are able to access a simple upload system which allows them to send us their own particular archive of Dharma talks. The service is free (of course!) and it allows often small Buddhist communities to have world-class audio pages without any of the costs incurred trying to set these up for themselves. And what starts as a local service aimed at local sanghas is, by the magic of the web, turned instantly into a way to share regional colours and flavours of Dharma approach within an international spiritual community that relies on such exchange to help it stay united. We think it's pretty cool!

Free Buddhist Audio Community Places

One of the happiest parts of community archiving is that, even with our rather limited resources, we are able to include more and more talks in languages other than English! This is an invaluable aid to some of our communities in Europe and America, and it's a feature of fba that we expect to see grow over the coming years.

Free Buddhist AudioToday we'd like to highlight one excellent new archive on the site in Spanish: Valencia! You may not speak Spanish, you may not have any personal links to Spain - but here's a chance to make a connection with a Dharma community across borders, across language and cultural boundaries, across the Triratna world! (If you get really stuck, you can view the Centre's English language pages here.) It's just one of the Centres from around the globe that you may not have heard of. From Pune, India to Krakow in Poland via Gent in Belgium, there's a wide world of Dharma engagement out there that relates, crucially, to your own... Have a listen, take a look!

If you like our work at Free Buddhist Audio and want to see it flourish, please consider becoming one of our 500 friends! Thank you.


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