Monday, August 16, 2010

Free Buddhist Audio 2.0 Launches

Free Buddhist AudioThe new Free Buddhist Audio website is here and, aside from a sleek new look, it’s packed to the gills with new features! We’ve worked very hard to make FBA 2.0 more interactive and user-friendly, and to provide even more to our community.

This week, we're going to feature some of the terrific new content being added to the site by Triratna projects around the world. But to start us off, here’s a run-down of some of the exciting additions to our all-new service:

FBA Members Area

Our Community section connects FBA users with each other and provides access to unreleased content with:

* Exclusive sneak-peek previews of future audio releases.

* Members-only access to unreleased archive recordings.

* Create your own FBA profile – Change your personal settings and add a profile picture.

* You can set up your own FBA profile or log in to Free Buddhist Audio’s members section using your Facebook account. Join today at

Enhanced Search Options

Audio talks and text are now divided into intuitive sections for ease of browsing. In the main menu you’ll find links for “Audio,“(for general audio) “Series,” “Meditation” and “Text.” Under these main categories, talks are broken out by theme, speaker, year given, and so on.

Our new and enhanced search bar allows you to set your preferences for searches. Even better, it will remember your preferences the next time you search! And the search results page provides filters that will further refine your search and make it easier to discover what you’re looking for.

New Audio Interface

On most browsers, our new audio interface for talks allows you to play tracks before you download the full talk.

Similar to what you’d find in the iTunes store, you can now click a specific track to listen to it, or you can click on “Play all” to hear each track in sequence. If it’s what you’re looking for, you can then go and download the whole talk.

Social Connection

Connect to Free Buddhist Audio at your favorite social networking sites! FBA is on Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, MySpace, Bebo, and even Second Life! We’re everywhere you are, so link to us for the latest updates and information.

To find us at our many homes online, or sign up for our newsletter, visit

Easier Donation

Free Buddhist Audio depends on the generous donations of our community to keep providing the Dharma for free. Now it’s even easier to help us do so.

1) When you download or stream a talk, you can make a donation right there – quick and easy!

2) Become one of the 500 – Our “500 Friends” campaign is going strong, but we could use your help! We’re looking for 500 people who are willing to become monthly donors at the £10 / $15 / €15 level. This will help to ensure the future security of our work, and it’s only about the cost of 1/4 cup of coffee per day! You’ll get the continual satisfaction of knowing that you’re part of something greater than all of us, free Dharma talks for everyone.

3) Become a regular donor – Regular monthly donations are the best way to give to FBA. They’re helpful to us in planning our budget and helpful to you in that you don’t even have to think about it. The donation is set up to be charged automatically every month through your credit card or bank. Voila! Did I just give to Free Buddhist Audio? Yes, you did, and thank you!

4) Make a one-time donation – No matter how large or small, every donation is very appreciated and put to good use.

5) Create a fundraising page – Through JustGiving or FirstGiving, you can now create your own page to raise funds for FBA. You can do it as an event and get friends to donate to your cause, or just send out your own appeal and testimonial to let others know about our service.

We hope you enjoy all of the new changes to Free Buddhist Audio, and thank you for your support over the years – without you, our community, this would not have been possible.

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