Thursday, May 27, 2010

Video clips from the International Retreat setup, dedicating the shrine dome and work circle

Friday sees the start of the second FWBO/Triratna International Retreat, with over 400 people from all over Europe and beyond coming together to explore the Buddha’s Enlightenment and the theme of ‘Turning Arrows into Flowers’. The Buddhafield and Taraloka teams have been immersed in setting up the event since last week, with a rich array of domes, marquees, bell tents and even a sauna springing up to decorate the field adjoining Taraloka - using a crew that already includes men and women from the UK, Denmark, Austria, India, Germany, France and beyond...

We’ve put together a short video clip from the setup showing Satyadarshin’s dedication of the new shrine dome (beautifully decorated with Celtic-Nepalese hangings provided by Dhiramati) and Shantikara’s introduction to the morning work circle.

Find it on YouTube at if you don't see the embedded player above.

Once the retreat gets going we plan to document the event as it goes along, with video and audio recordings of the major talks, photographs of the people, and commentary from the Triratna News team. Watch this space for our latest offerings - and for now, enjoy the video...

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