Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The New Society 40 years on - part II, India

Today’s Dharma talks, brought to you from VideoSangha, the Triratna Buddhist Community’s video website, explore the Dhamma Revolution East and West. Both are by Subhuti, who has for many years worked both in India and the West.

In the first, titled ‘The Dhamma Revolution East and West: East’, Subhuti outlines the Triratna Buddhist Community's connection with the Dhamma revolution in India. This comes mainly through Sangharakshita’s contact with the great Dr Ambedkar. In the talk Subhuti tells the story of Dr Ambedkar and inspires the audience with a sense of the potential for the Dhamma to influence society.

In the second, ‘The Dhamma Revolution East and West: West’, Subhuti presents the possibility of the Dhamma influencing and transforming Western Society. The key to this, he says, is our personal and collective conviction that the Dhamma isn't a set of 'nice' ideas but a description of the nature of reality.

There’s a third episode also on-line, of questions and answers following up the two talks - but we’ll leave you to find it!

VideoSangha now host over 400 Triratna-related videos, and have a mass of further material - including some great Dharma talks - waiting for upload, but need more donations to enable them to proceed. If you’d like to help make the Dharma available in this way, just look on their site for their ‘donate’ button - they’d be very grateful.

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Anonymous Digha Tour said...

Nice Post

Anonymous Clare said...

That guy in the videos is pretty abstract and dull, a bit like a vicar talking to his flock. Haven't you anyone more lively and down to earth?

Anonymous Sam Hamilton said...

I think the above comment is pretty cynical, and cynicism has no place in the FWBO. I assume it's Subhuti that 'Clare' is talking about, and I have no doubt the man is a Stream Entrant. He is, after all, Sangharakshita's leading disciple, and to doubt him in this way is, in effect, to doubt the efficacy of Sangharakshita's teachings.

Anonymous Sam Hamilton said...

Hey, that first comment 'Nice post' is spam. Follow the link and you'll see they're just advertising holidays in India.

Anonymous Clare said...

I was only saying what I saw, I didn't realise how important Subhuti is.

Anonymous Jayarava said...

I'd like to see Clare's comment taken down. This is a serious news site, not a forum for people who want to undermine Triratna.


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