Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Triratna Story: Behind the Scenes of a New Buddhist Movement

 We're delighted to bring readers of Triratna News a heads-up of a significant and very timely new book that's about to hit the bookshops.

It's "The Triratna Story: Behind the Scenes of a New Buddhist Movement", by Vajragupta - already well-known for his very popular title "Buddhism: Tools for Living Your Life".

The book tells the story of the Triratna Buddhist Community, now an international Buddhist movement, from its inception in London, to the first 40 years of its history and growth worldwide, during which it was known as the FWBO/Friends of the Western Buddhist Order - and most recently, to its change of name to the Triratna Buddhist Community.

It is the story of mistakes made, lessons learnt and how a Buddhist community was built. To quote from the book itself - “It's the nitty-gritty story of how a community evolves. It's a story of idealism and naivety, growth and growing pains, hard work and burn-out, friendship and fallout”.

David Brazier, author of The New Buddhism, says - "An excellent synopsis of the history of an important Buddhist movement". And Norman Fischer, founder of the Everyday Zen Foundation and author of Sailing Home, comments - "...a courageous and important defies all expectations".

The book’s author, Vajragupta, has been involved with Triratna since 1990. He was director of the Birmingham Buddhist Centre for 8 years and teaches Buddhism and meditation across the UK. He currently works for the Triratna Chairs Assembly as part of their ‘Development Team’.

The book will be launched on the upcoming FWBO/Triratna International Retreat later this month, but should be available very soon at Buddhist Centres around the UK and beyond, at a price of £7.99 / $13.95 / € 9.95. It’s also available by mail-order direct from Windhorse - check their website for details.



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