Saturday, May 15, 2010

Suvannavira's adventures in Russia

Suvannavira is an Order Member currently exploring the possibilities of establishing himself in Russia and teaching the Dharma there. for the past year or more he’s been visiting regularly, building up contacts and getting a feel for the land and its people.

Now he’s written to Triratna News, saying -

“The moment finally felt right to write a few words about my adventures in Russia.

“Having been born in Russia and having left the Soviet Union as a young child with my mother, maybe it was not surprising that I would be keen to return to re-discover the country of my birth.

“Arriving in St Petersburg for a few days, I plan to stay in Moscow for two months during which one important goal is to continue re-learning Russian which I forgot as a young child on my arrival in England.

“In mid-July, I plan to travel back to the UK overland by train, stopping to visit cities and friends in Kiev, Odessa, Krakow, Berlin and Paris.

“My longer term aim is to establish the teaching of my teacher Bhante Urgyen Sangharakshita in the land of my birth.

“In the meantime here's a photo taken on a sunny day in May around the celebrated Nevsky Prospect, St Petersburg's most famous street and amongst other things, the setting of some of the novels of Gogol.

“With metta,


Suvannavira’s keeping a more detailed blog of his travels, which you’ll find at There’s also a very substantial Russian Dharma website, created by Suvannavira, available at

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo and sahdu! I'd love to feel upright one day to do that myself in my bithland!!


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