Wednesday, May 12, 2010

3rd Anniversary celebrations in Düsseldorf

Sraddhabandhu writes from Düsseldorf in Germany, where for the past three years he's been building up an FWBO/Triratna Sangha there.  They've just celebrated their third anniversary, and he writes to say - 

"At the end of March we celebrated the third anniversary of our centre in Düsseldorf. And unbelievable 30 people turned up, a part of them from Essen.  See our quite full shrine room:

"Apart from our regular “open nights” we now do a meditation day every other month and a Puja each month.  

"And we've been able to widen our Internet presence: we now have our main site, a online Yahoo-Group and a Facebook page. 

"I've even been working on a small website for mobile phones (, so that people can have a quick glance on the titles of the talks I give on Mondays. 

"Next for us comes a small theater play we want to do on Wesak - we hope that we are successful! 

"With metta, 


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Sadhu & Congratulations!!!!! maitricarya


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