Monday, May 24, 2010

Setup starts for International Retreat, over 400 expected

Yesterday saw the start of a five-day set-up retreat at Taraloka for the second FWBO International Retreat - a joint venture between the Triratna Chairs Assembly, Buddhafield and Taraloka.

Over 400 people have booked for the event, which starts on Friday. There are a few remaining spaces, please see the special retreat website at if you’re interested.

The generous setup period allows the team - already over 20 strong - to treat it as a retreat, with meditations before breakfast, lunch and supper in Taraloka’s beautiful outdoor ‘Tara Cabin’ shrineroom and free time in the evenings.

And (as this photo from our roving photographer proves) there’s even time to take it easy in-between jobs - a welcome break given the scorching heat.

The biannual International Retreat is the largest retreat event in Triratna’s calendar, bringing together practitioners from across the UK, Europe and beyond. It’s designed to be suitable both for someone on his or her first retreat or for those who’ve already been on many retreats. Either way, it’s a great opportunity to experience the magic of practising together in large numbers and to experience the wider FWBO/Triratna Sangha.

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