Monday, May 17, 2010

The New Society 40 years on: new talks on VideoSangha

Today and tomorrow we’ll be bringing you news of some great new talks now available on VideoSangha, the Triratna Buddhist Community’s video website.

Today’s featured talks come from the recent Mens' National Order Weekend at Padmaloka, which explored the theme of "The New Society: the Vision and the Challenges”.

When Triratna (then called the FWBO) was founded, the theme of the New Society - spiritual practice undertaken to transform both Self and World - was embedded in the new Buddhist movement’s ideals. That led to the pattern of the ‘three Cs’ - Centres, Communities, and Cooperatives - that for many years constituted the FWBO’s distinctive style of Buddhist practice.

Now, 40 years on, the Triratna Buddhist Community is far more diverse than it was in those early days - but the original vision, of the transformation of society through spiritual practice, may be less clearly in focus than it was then.

And by coincidence or synchronicity, over the past months, a number of Triratna events have focussed on this theme, asking questions such as “What is our vision now?; “What lessons have been learnt?”; “What are the challenges today?"; even, “How will the story unfold?

'Messages of the Dharma: Keep it Radical', by Vajragupta, looks at how Triratna presents itself today, and ends with a call to see ourselves as a threefold ‘radical Sangha’

If the video player above doesn’t work you can access the talk on VideoSangha here -

Keturaja, in this talk, offers a brief history of Windhorse:Evolution; Triratna’s largest and most successful Right Livelihood business, plus some indications of his vision for the future of the business. He’s recently taken over as Windhorse’s new Managing Director and so this is a very timely review of an important

If the video player above doesn’t work you can access the talk on VideoSangha here -

Tomorrow we’ll showcase a pair of talks by Subhuti, speaking about Triratna’s work in India and the Dhamma Revolution East and West.

If you can’t wait that long, head over to VideoSangha at and find them there!

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