Sunday, May 02, 2010

Workshops with Vajradaka on meditation and creativity

Vajradaka writes with some news about his work with meditation and creativity.  Vajradaka is one of the longest-ordained members of the Order and was for many years chairman of Vajraloka Meditation Retreat Centre in North Wales.  He says -

“For many years I have been combining my experience as a meditator and being actively creative with arts, crafts and writing. The relationship and combination of meditation and creativity seems very natural to me.

“My own take on what helps creativity is to firstly find ways to help the mind be flexible and adaptable. This is an ongoing process of discovering and dealing with the ways the mind has become rigid and unyielding. Another way of describing this is unblocking the mind so it can flow and be directed in a full and focused way.

“Second is to nourish the seeds of creativity, by tapping into the explicit and implicit inner-knowledge and resources which give the mind richness and authenticity. This includes stimulating the imagination, intuition and clarity of thought.

“Thirdly is the whole area of triggering and catalysing the potential of creativity by exploring how the various levels and faculties of the mind can come into relationship with each other in a fresh and dynamic way.

“My experience is that when I am paying attention to these areas as an ongoing process I can be creative in any form, including solving problems and the generation of new ideas. These three areas can all be developed by meditation and inner-work exercises.  During May and June I’ll be offering three workshops which include meditations and inner-work exercises which particularly develop these three areas.  I'd like to invite you to join me.  The three themes are CLEAR A SPACE (coming into a flowing and adaptable state of mind); NOURISH THE GROUND (exploring explicit and implicit inner-knowledge and resources); and TRIGGER THE POTENTIAL (entering the frame of mind from which creativity can emerge)  All three workshops will be at the London Buddhist Art Centre - see my website for more information”

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