Saturday, May 29, 2010

FWBO/Triratna International retreat day 1 - rain and music...

The first evening of the FWBO/Triratna International retreat saw a beautiful sunset and a wonderful stillness in the air, with the full moon rising clear in the sky - a great beginning for the 430 retreatants who’d assembled from all over Europe and beyond. A dedication ceremony in the giant shrine marquee was followed by mantra chanting and many many hellos to friends old and new around the fire and in the tea tents.

Something changed overnight, sadly, and the next morning the campers awoke to find persistent rain and grey skies. Typical weather for a British Bank Holiday weekend! This was the first of three full days for the retreat - being Buddha Day, Dharma Day, and Sangha Day.

Spirits were undaunted, however, and Jnanavaca’s talk on ‘An Essential Matter - the Demon of Materialism’ was well received. We’ll be bringing you the talk itself as soon as we’ve been able to upload it - for now, here’s some video clips from around the site...

catch it direct on YouTube at if the above embedded player is not showing.

And as we go to press the good news is, the rain has stopped and the sky is clearing...

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