Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tick the Box for Buddhism

Triratna is an active partner in the UK’s main inter-Buddhist forum, the Network of Buddhist Organisations, or NBO. They’ve been hard at work preparing for next year’s UK Census, the first for 10 years. This will include - for only the second time - a voluntary question asking for people’s religion and they’re keen to ensure Buddhists across the UK ‘Tick the Box for Buddhism’. More than this, they’d like everyone who’s sympathetic to Buddhism to join in too - potentially a much wider circle.

They say -
To: all UK Buddhist Organisations, Sanghas, Mindfulness Centres, groups and individuals
From: The Network of Buddhist Organisations UK
Please circulate this email to your friends and networks

Please encourage all supporters to complete the census in March 2011, and Tick the Box for Buddhism.  Help us achieve 500,000 Buddhists in the UK!

For more information please see

Why Tick the Box for Buddhism?
27th March 2011 sees the next UK census - the first since 2001. It will include a voluntary question about your religion. Now is your chance to show just how many people live by Buddhist values in this country.

Please help to change the picture of religion in the UK. Please -

• Tick the Box for Buddhism when you fill out your Census form
• get all your friends and fellow practitioners to Tick the Box for Buddhism too.

There could be as many as 500,000 Buddhists in the UK, but we believe many did not Tick the Box for Buddhism at the last Census in 2001. Many thousands of British people support or live by the teachings of Buddhism in various ways: they may meditate, practise mindfulness, agree with the Buddhist approach to life – and still prefer to avoid labelling themselves Buddhist. This is understandable - however, accurate Census figures make a real difference.

We want the next Census to represent more accurately the level of support for Buddhism in the UK. If we achieved a figure of 500,000 or more, the result could be:

• Increased funding for Buddhist initiatives; for example, offering mindfulness training in hospitals and the NHS

• Much better representation in the school curriculum. Buddhism plays a distinctive part in Religious Education and the teaching of secular mindfulness meditation has much to contribute to young people's wellbeing.

• A clear indication of the number of people in the UK supporting positive behaviour and policies based on: common-sense; genuine concern for the well-being of others; non-violence; free, rational and open discourse; and liberal social attitudes.

Please use your census wisely. A vote for Buddhism will have an immediate impact on the picture of faith in the UK. There will not be another census for the next ten years. This is your chance to make a real difference – now.

Buddhism has a distinctive contribution to make to British life. Of the six major faiths it's the only one not to worry about ‘God’ and it's free of many things commonly considered problematic about religion. Teaching wisdom and compassion for all, it offers mindfulness and meditation practices which are scientifically acknowledged to lead to wellbeing and happiness.

To find out more, go to our campaign site:

Please cascade through your organisation, networks, groups and Sanghas

Buddhism UK is the NBO’s Facebook site focusing on the campaign - if you want regular updates please join now!



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