Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ClearVision launch FREE Buddhism for children and teenagers

Clear Vision are proud to launch their free Dharma web pages for children and teenagers, for use at home and Centre.  You’ll find it at www.clear-vision.org/Young-People

Clear Vision's director, Munisha, said -

"Since 1994 we've become specialists in Buddhism, video and online learning for schools.

“ Whether or not they see themselves as Buddhists, we know a lot of teenagers are interested in Buddhism outside school, too. What particularly seems to interest them is linking Buddhist ideas to modern issues. We also know they are now very experienced users of online and interactive media - and that the Buddhist online world lags way behind them! So we wanted to present the Dharma as utterly modern, both in content and in the way it's presented.

“ We're really delighted to offer these web pages, free, to children and young people at home, temple and Buddhist Centre."

The two main products, both of which you'll find on the Young People's section of the ClearVision site, are -

for 8-14 year-olds: The Life of the Buddha, interactive
Seven illustrated videos with information sheets, questions, games and a parent/teacher handbook

for 12-16 year-olds: Us and Them: Buddhism and Community
Ten videos examine aspects of identity and community using the Four Sangrahavastus and featuring young people in the UK and Bhutan. Information, questions, activities and parent/teacher handbook.

The Four Sangrahavastus - meaning, the four ‘Means of Unification of the Sangha’ - are of course a popular topic in the Triratna Buddhist Community. Since the materials are free and online, there is nothing to stop you using them in adult classes and study groups too!)

Alongside these resources you'll also find -

• quizzes, games, information and carefully selected weblinks to the Buddhist world and
• Ask A Buddhist! Our free video FAQ section, answering young people's questions about Buddhism

If you'd like to support Clear Vision's work for young people, please make a donation!

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