Friday, November 19, 2010

Keep the Three Jewels Shining: Part III - Sangha

Keep the Red Jewel Shining!

21st November is the full-moon night when we celebrate Sangha Day. Traditionally the time when the monks gathered for the start of the rainy season retreat, it is also when our Centres hold gatherings of their sanghas to celebrate the support and inspiration to be gained from spiritual community.

So, as we approach Sangha day, Triratna News brings you the third in a series of short, six-minute films celebrating spiritual community. In each, Triratna practitioners have talked about their relationship to each of the Three Jewels – Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. In this last film, they talk about what they love and appreciate about our Triratna Sangha.

The three films are part of a campaign "Keep the Three Jewels Shining" which is about encouraging people to make a will, and also asking them to consider leaving a gift in their will to the Triratna Buddhist Community. Watch it in the embedded player below or watch it direct on Vimeo

As Vajragupta, one of those behind the campaign, explains: "There are lots of ways to support the sangha and help it to thrive in the future. A gift in your will could be one way of doing this. You may have family and friends who are going to be foremost in your mind when you make your will. But you could, if you wished, also leave a gift to your local centre, your favourite retreat centre, or project. Any gift will make a difference, be really appreciated, and help ensure that others can experience the help and support of sangha after you."

"Quite a number of our centres have received gifts in wills in recent years. At the Krakov Centre - our first centre in Poland - a gift has helped pay for translations of Dharma texts. At Taraloka, a surprise gift helped buy badly needed new furniture that the retreat centre hadn't expected to be able to afford. There are lots of other similar stories of generosity that help keep the Three Jewels shining."

There is a brochure with a easy, ten-step guide to making a will, available at all UK Centres soon. Alternatively, you can download it at

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