Friday, November 12, 2010

Triratna Ontario news

Harshaprabha writes with news of a recent visit to the slowly-growing Triratna sangha in Ontario, Canada - which he has been patiently mentoring for over 10 years now. He writes -

“I recently visited Ontario for the second time this year to meet family, friends and those interested in the Triratna Community. Most of our small Sangha came together for a weekend retreat; we stayed in a delightful house and cottage lent us by a sangha member - who went on to cook up some fantastic food over the weekend! The theme was The Buddha's Enlightenment and its impact on our lives. The discussion groups on both days were engaging, lively, informative and inspiring.

“Besides this we were able to hold two Newcomers style evenings at Kathy's home in Guelph. These were well attended and took the format of an introduction to one of the two meditations taught within the Triratna Community, a tea break and then a short introduction to a Dharma topic followed by discussion. The group now plans keep these meetings weekly - should you live in or near Guelph then get in touch with Harshaprabha for details, or check our website.

“An unexpected bonus of my visit was discovering the grave of Sangharakshita's great grandfather's brother, Robert S Lingwood, who died in August 1875 - this proved to be in Belsyde Cemetery, Fergus.  Alongside it were those of his baby daughter and son. I very much hope - perhaps on my next visit - to try and meet some of the descendants of this family and let them know of their relative and what a remarkable man he is.

“Also visiting the area was Buddhapalita, an Order Member from Missoula, Montana and director of the very successful Tipu’s Chai Right Livelihood business, who was over to exhibit his Chai at the Canadian Coffee and Tea Show. We were able to meet and chat which was a pleasure".



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