Monday, November 15, 2010

Jai Bhim group in Kerala plan big retreat

Arun and Rejimon, two mitras from the Triratna Buddhist Community, write from Kerala in South India with news of their upcoming ‘communicative English retreat’ in Kerala - a unique hybrid of English coaching and Buddhist practice. They say -

“Dear friends Jai Bhim!  We are very happy to introduce the second annual communicative English retreat in Kerala led by the Dhammamitras of the Triratna Bauddha Mahasangha Kerala, Southern India.

“Last year we had our first Communicative English Retreat in Kottayam, held on December 23- 27, 2009. It was led by Ann Dennehy from the USA along with Arun, Rejimon, and Jayan Babu, who are graduates of Triratna’s Nagarjuna Training Institute at Nagpur . Ann is the Creative Director of Jai Bhim International, a Triratna not-for-profit based in San Francisco who run many fundraising and awareness-raising events in the USA.

“This year's second annual Communicative English Retreat will be offered on December 24 - 28, 2010 at the Govt High School in Payyanalloor, Adoor, Pattanamthitta district. It will be led by the graduates of Nagarjuna with guidance from Ann. This time we will assure maximum participants of ex-trainees of Kerala.

“Last year 15 selected youth were attended that retreat. Every day was started with meditation and concluded with puja and short meditation. In between for the whole day we were studied communicative English, Ambedkarism and basic Buddhist teaching through English. The speaking practice was conducted through games and informal discussion, it was a very fantastic experience. On the last day of the retreat we had very nice cultural program. It was new experience to our participants; every participants explored their potentialities of English speaking.

“At the end of the retreat we formed a team, which we called “Jai Bhim Kerala”; we chalked out the whole year work plan and we conducted a lot of discussion about Ambedkarism and Buddhism . Now our second annual retreat is conducted by the initiative of Jai Bhim Kerala team. This year we expect 30 girls and 30 boys, slowly Dr Ambedkar ‘s vision is going to spread throughout Kerala
Please join us”.

For more details check their new still-under-construction website; find Jai Bhim International on Facebook, or email or

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