Monday, November 08, 2010

Triratna 2011 calendar launched - and sold out!

Sudarshanaloka and datesLast weekend’s Order gathering at Padmaloka saw the launch of the first-ever Triratna calendar, a handsome production with 12 full-size images each celebrating one or another facet of the worldwide Triratna Buddhist community.

Lokabandhu, its creator, commented - “Most people involved in Triratna are focussed on their local Centre - and perhaps their nearest retreat centre. But we’re an amazingly rich and diverse worldwide community with lots of great projects going on. They’re all on the internet, of course, but I wanted to make something which would make that visible on as many kitchen walls as possible around our Sangha. If it proves popular it could become an annual production - I’m already collecting ideas for next year!”

This is probably the first time a Triratna calendar has been produced, and so popular did it prove that the first print run of 150 was sold out!

However, you can enjoy the images using the embedded Flickriver window here, or directly on the Triratna Photos website.

If you’re interested to order five or more for your Centre bookshop, please contact Lokabandhu on

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