Friday, November 05, 2010

Sangharakshita Land Project take Bhante on location

Triratna News last reported on the Sangharakshita Land Project back in August.  It’s a major initiative that will see a move of some of Triratna’s central institutions - and Sangharakshita himself - away from the Birmingham suburbs to a new and large piece of land and property somewhere in the British countryside. The search has not been easy - Sangharakshita has specifically specified that he wants elemental and sublime landscape rather than pastoral - a place that uplifts, inspires and supports meditation, a mythic environment which is, in itself, a place people will want to be and can make their own.

However the team has been busy and a recent post on their blog gives a hint of what’s been happening - plus a tantalising video of what may be on the way! Moksapriya writes -

“There’s a site in Staffordshire, north of Birmingham, that we’ve been seriously interested in for the last few weeks/months. We haven’t made an offer on it (yet) so I can’t say too much about it right now. It’s possible that we might eventually decide against it but for now we are preparing a feasibility study. Sangharakshita was interested to see the site for himself and we were keen to gauge his response so he joined us for a visit on a dry autumnal morning..."

To see the video , visit their blog and click on the picture...



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