Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Buddha Festival coming up in Nagpur: you're invited!

Nagaketu writes from Nagpur, home of Triratna’s largest Indian centre, with news of a major festival they’re organising early in 2011. And you're invited! He says -

the Deeksha Bhoomi in Nagpur
We are organising a “Buddha Festival” at Nagpur from 6-9 January 2011. The venue is the Deeksha Bhoomi itself, the sacred place where Dr B. R. Ambedkar embraced Buddhism with hundreds of thousands of his followers on 14 October 1956. This great and most peaceful revolution has revived Buddhism in India and brought the treasure and glory of India back to our generation.

A team of about 150 men and women, including many Order Members and Mitras of the Triratna Bouddha Mahasangha, plus Engineers, Doctors, Businessmen, Artists, Social activists etc of different organisations in Nagpur are all engaged and working for this cause.

Ambedkar Jayanti celebrations in 2006
This will be a festival of Indian Buddhist art, culture & heritage. It assumes a greater significance as India is the Land of Buddha and the land where his teaching found roots before spreading across the entire world. Buddhism has richly contributed to the art, culture, music, architecture, education, economy, social life and more of both India & the world. Important Buddhist symbols like the Ashoka Chakra and Four Lions are seen in India’s national flag and national emblem respectively. Even the Indian Constitution has richly borrowed from Buddhism, thanks to the work of Dr. Ambedkar. The Buddha Festival is therefore a festival of our land, of India .

This will be a four-day-long celebration of the life and teachings of The Buddha, portrayed through dance, music, painting, sculpture, paper presentations etc by both national and international artists. A specially designed Art gallery will have an exhibition of Buddhist painting and sculpture. We are trying our best to have the inauguration of this festival by His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

We have chosen to hold this festival in the month of January as the weather at Nagpur is pleasant during this month and the Guests and Artists may feel more comfortable.  This festival will have great effect on the followers of Buddha in particular and others in general.  We cordially request for your participation.

Our total budget for this festival is 30 thousand pounds. we are raising about 20 thousand pounds locally, so we request you to kindly help us to get 10 thousand pounds. Your support will boost our moral & it will help us to make it better & successful. We also request you to share your thoughts & help us in the best way possible for you. Our fundraising page is at www.justgiving.com/buddhafestival-nagpur

Thanking you!
Nagpur Buddhist Centre.
e mail: buddhafestival.nagpur@gmail.com website: www.buddhafestivalnagpur.com

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