Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Triratna Football Tournament 2011: a devotee reports

The annual Triratna Football Tournament, now in its 12th year, is a much-loved part of Triratna’s annual calendar - at least for its devotees! The strength of its connection with Buddhist practice is proven by the fact that it awards prizes not only for goals but for fair play - can any other football association say as much?!  Plus, of course by it's distinctive kit, as shown in the photos below.

Manjusiha,  captain of the LBC’s team, writes saying -

“The annual Triratna football tournament took place last month in Victoria Park, not far from the London Buddhist Centre. Teams from Buddhafield, the LBC, Ireland, North London and Cambridge took part in a hard fought and close competition, with the LBC eventually coming out as victors on goal difference.

“We were really pleased to win the competition and the Fair Play award at the same time. That’s been our footballing holy grail for many years!”

The photos show the LBC’s kit, which was designed by Jim Taylor, a mitra at the LBC.

Jayaraja, a Karuna Trust fundraiser who organises the tournament ,says “it would be great to have more teams in the tournament next year.” Do get in contact with him if you are interested in taking part: just email him at jayaraja108@yahoo.co.uk



Anonymous Anonymous said...

great stuff...must come up for next year's event. But would also love to see at least one women's match on the fixture lit!

Blogger Delta Pavonis said...

Great stuff. I remember the FWBO put up a team against Class War at a five-a-side tournament during Hackney Anarchy Week some years ago. The Buddhists won after the majority of the Class War team were sent off for bad behaviour!


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