Friday, October 29, 2010

Keep the Three Jewels Shining: the tour continues

"I know quite a few people who've recently made wills and who've found thinking through the issues involved quite uplifting and liberating, not at all morbid or depressing."

So says Vajragupta, director of the Triratna Development Team. Members of the team are one-third of their way into a tour of UK Centres during which they are launching and promoting a campaign called "Keep the Three Jewels Shining". Vajragupta explains:

"We are giving out a free brochure with a ten-step guide to making a will, and also a short DVD film. The aim is to encourage people to make a will, and also to encourage them to think about leaving a gift in their will to the Triratna Buddhist Community.

"Making a will is an act of generosity. Firstly, it is generous in that you are making sure your affairs are in order so that you're not leaving difficult issues to be sorted out by your loved ones after you've died and they are grieving. Secondly, it's an act of generosity because in making a will you have to think about how you can make use of what you own after you've gone. It is an opportunity to give to family, friends, and communities and causes you care about.

"Making a will can be inspiring and satisfying; it is a chance to think through what really matters to you, and a small way of reflecting on the Buddha's teaching of impermanence.

"We've also made a film to go with the will-making campaign. It’s a short and simple, 20 minute film, in which various members of our community reflect on what the Three Jewels mean to them, and why we need to keep the Three Jewels shining.

"In the second film, available here, people talk about how their practice of the Dharma has deepened over time, and also on their attitudes to death and dying. There are a few moments in the film in which you sense people's practice has gone deep. This is my favourite of the three sections of the film".

Brochures and DVD's will be available at all UK Centres soon. Alternatively, you can download the films and ten-step guide to making a will at

Padmavajra introduces the second part of 'Keep the Three Jewels Shining'

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Anonymous Making a Will said...

Too many people think of how depressing making a Will is and not, as you mention, how liberating it can be. I think more needs to be done to make people aware that it is not a morbid task.

Anonymous Making a will said...

everyone should have a Will


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