Thursday, October 14, 2010

"What is Enlightenment?" Brighton asks in all-night festival

Triratna's Brighton Buddhist centre is having an all-nighter as part of the 'White Night' arts festival in Brighton and Hove on 30th Oct, 6pm - 6am! 30,000 people are expected to be on the streets of Brighton for White Night and the Brighton Buddhist Centre is one of the main venues.

They say - "The theme of the festival is Illumination and Enlightenment, and we are asking 'What is Enlightenment?' and collecting responses from the public to project throughout the event - so tweet or text in your response (see above for details). Throughout the evening we'll be offering workshops, meditation, pujas, performances, yoga, dance and live music - all connected to Enlightenment.

"Some of the highlights will be 'Storytelling from the Cave Shrine' - Vidyadasi's dramatised reading of the life of Padmasambhava from 7pm - 3am! She will be doing this to raise money for Buddhafield's land project - check her fundraising page at  There's also 'The Beauty of Mantra' with Mahasukha, a White Lotus Sutra interactive workshop, Create your own little books of Enlightenment - 3 wishes, 3 loves, 3 secrets, 3 things to let go of, An Improvised comedy workshop to help transform our minds and shake loose old limiting self-views, also live set from Bob Hillary ( and midnight 5 Rhythms dance with Tim Stephenson.

"And finally, at 5 am Kavyasiddhi will lead an Akshobya puja to greet the dawn! Then we'll join a dawn chorus on the beach - of course we'll all be Enlightened by then!

"Come and join us..

"Metta from Sunny Brighton x"

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