Monday, October 04, 2010

Exploring the five ‘Prajnas’ at the London Buddhist Centre

Padmalila writes from the London Buddhist Centre with news of a special retreat they’re running later this month, exploring the ‘Prajnas’ or Wisdoms - perhaps better known as the female Buddhas.

She says - “These are a lesser known set of five archetypal Buddhas in female form who appear traditionally in sexual union with their male counterparts but who are now being explored as independent Buddhas.

“In 2001 Vessantara spent a long solitary exploring these figures and the symbols of each began to emerge more clearly. He developed visualisations for them, mantras and a set of pujas too. Gradually images of the figures are emerging - Visuddhimati, Aloka and Amitajyoti have all made representations of some of them and Kumuda, in Bristol, has made a very striking set of all five figures which hang in the centre’s reception room.

“It is still early days, and a rare occurrence to have a retreat exploring these female Buddhas. Each are associated with an element and with a wisdom (an aspect of Enlightenment), plus their own mudra (hand gesture), colour, animal, and more. Thus they span both everyday reality and spiritual reality.

The retreat runs from 17-22nd October at Vajrasana, is open to men and women, and will be led by Vanaraji and Padmalila. Find out more via the LBC website .

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