Thursday, September 30, 2010

Six women's ordinations

Parami writes with news of more women's ordinations into the Triratna Buddhist Order.  She says - “Six women were publicly ordained at Akashavana, Women’s Retreat Centre in Spain on Tuesday 28th September 2010.

Elaine Wright becomes Suddhacandika (bar over final 'a') a Pali name meaning "She who is a bright, pure moon".
Westernised spelling: Suddhachandika.
Private preceptor Vajragita, Public Preceptor Parami.

Sarah-Jane Rankin becomes Sujayini (bar over second 'i') a Sanskrit name meaning "Excellent or excellently victorious woman".
Westernised spelling Sujayini.
Private preceptor Kalyanasri, Public Preceptor Maitreyi

Irene Maddocks becomes Prasrabdhi (acute accent over the "s") a Sanskrit name meaning "Serenity, calm, tranquility".
Westernised spelling Prashrabdhi
Private preceptor Parami, Public Preceptor Maitreyi

Kate Gooch becomes Kavyasri (bar over the first "a", acute accent over the "s" and bar over the "i") a Sanskrit name meaning "She who has the radiance of a poet /sage".
Westernised spelling Kavyashri.
Private preceptor Parami, Public Preceptor Maitreyi

an early photograph of Aksavavana
Tina McEwan becomes Sribalini (acute accent over the "s", bar over the first "i" and last "i") a Sanskrit name meaning "She who has or possesses radiant, auspicious, graceful strength".
Westernised spelling Shribalini.
Private preceptor Suchitta, Public Preceptor Maitreyi

Sybille Horn becomes Anantamoksini (bar over the "o", dot under the "s" and bar over final "i") a Sanskrit name meaning "She who strives towards boundless liberation."
Westernised spelling Anantamokshini.
Private preceptor Kulanandi, Public Preceptor Maitreyi




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