Sunday, October 03, 2010

Amogharatna completes fundraising Berlin marathon

Amogharatna has just completed the Berlin marathon as a fundraiser for the new Berlin Buddhist Centre - of which he’s the Chairman. He says - “big thanks again to all who sponsored me and helped me to raise money for the new Buddhist centre. (It is still of course possible, just click here!).

“Two days after the event I feel surprisingly fit and well. It rained during virtually the whole time... apart from the super sense of satisfaction of having fulfilled this goal and of having helped raise money for the new centre, I am really impressed by the accuracy of the training plan that I followed.

“One of the more bizarre memories is of being massaged after the race in the rain on the lawn in front of the Reichstag!”

the rhubarb crumble
that gave him that extra energy! 
Sadhu Amogharatna!

And check his fundraising website if you’d like to donate - the race may be over but the fundraising isn't!

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