Monday, September 27, 2010

Karuna celebrates 30 years of compassion in action

Karuna is like a bridge.
The beneficiaries are that side of the river,
and we are on this side.
Previously we couldn’t reach them.
But now, because of Karuna, we can help
Triratna's Karuna Trust is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a special Newsletter.  Karuna was formed in 1980, in response to the suffering of India’s Dalit population. In the 30 years since that time, Karuna has sent over £16,000,000 in funds to India and south Asia. The majority of these funds have been raised by 400 Triratna volunteer fundraisers who have given their time to do a Karuna Appeal.

Of the £1.8 million that we raised in 2009, £1.4 million, or 80% came from nearly 8,000 individual regular donors who have been recruited one-by-one on the doorstep by Triratna volunteers over the past 30 years.

Karuna’s fundraising, and therefore its vital social and Dharma work, is almost entirely dependent upon volunteer fundraisers from the Triratna Buddhist Community.

Vajrapushpa, Chair of Karuna Trustees, says -
The 2010 Karuna newsletter (sent to 8000 Karuna supporters) celebrates Karuna’s 30th anniversary. The personal experiences described inside it's covers illustrate some of the reasons why Karuna has been so successful over the past 30 years in helping to transform the lives of thousands of people in south Asia.

The three people interviewed in the newsletter come from some of the poorest communities in India. Having struggled against the odds to fulfill their own dreams, they’re now dedicating their lives to helping others. For them, this commitment is not an interesting career choice; it is an integral part of how they see the world and their place in it. Karuna is fortunate to be able to work with such dedicated people.

To all those in the Triratna Buddhist community - past and present - who have supported Karuna and our work in south Asia, please accept our heartfelt thanks.

get involved
If you feel strongly about helping India’s Dalit community to escape the hell of caste, then please do consider giving some of your time in 2011 to fundraise for Karuna, or encourage your friends to do so. In 2011, we will be running door-to-door appeals, telephone fundraising campaigns and a new one-year-long men’s fundraising community. We offer full training and financial support.

To see a full version of the Karuna 2010 newsletter and the personal stories of Karunaprabha, Maitreyanath and Yashosagar please visit

To enquire about helping out on a Karuna fundraising appeal in 2011 contact us on 0207 700 3434 or email

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