Sunday, October 17, 2010

New painting of Sangharakshita - introduced on video

Today’s story features a video interview with Lokeshvara, chairman of Triratna’s Padmaloka retreat centre. He’s introducing a remarkable new painting of Sangharakshita they’ve recently taken delivery of. Painted by Aloka, it’s enigmatically entitled ‘Sangharakshita as Mythophanic Psychopomp’ and features as the centre-fold in their new 2011 programme - out now. 

“What’s mythophanic?”, you might ask. “What’s a psychopomp?” You’ll have to listen and find out!

 Suffice to say Lokeshvara sees the painting as showing an aspect of Sangharakshita whereby he introduces us to the realm of ‘undefined meaning’, and thereby helps us bring that dimension into relationship with our ordinary daily lives...

Click on the embedded player below to watch it, or find it directly on YouTube at

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