Monday, July 26, 2010

Karuna Trust celebrate 30 years of compassion in action

Karuna's 30th anniversary shrine
The Karuna Trust was formed in 1980 as Aid for India, the movement's response to the suffering of India's Dalit community. For 30 years, Karuna has worked with some of South Asia's most disadvantaged people, sending over £1 million every year to support low-caste and tribal communities, street children and refugees fulfill their potential through our social and Dharma projects.

On Saturday 10th July, at the North London Buddhist Centre, the Karuna team celebrated our 30-year anniversary by bringing together as many people as possible, past and present, from the Triratna Buddhist Community who have or had a connection with Karuna – including team members, fundraisers, trustees, and those who have lived and worked in India.

Bodhananda, one of the early fund-raisers, commented, “It was such a joy to meet up with people I've not seen from the early 1980's who I did appeals with and others from the Karuna teams over the years. It put me in touch with the inspiration I felt while engaged with Karuna".

Here are some amazing facts about Karuna. Since 1980:

• 400 – is number of Triratna/FWBO volunteers who’ve learnt to ‘get real’ on Karuna Appeals
• 720,000 – is the number of doors knocked by fundraisers since 1980
• 1,000,000 – is the estimated number of beneficiaries’ lives touched in South Asia
• £16,000,000 – is the total Karuna-funded expenditure on projects in South Asia
• £21,400,000 – is the number of total funds raised by Aid for India / Karuna

But there’s still much work to do!
Here’s how YOU can help - Give your time in one of three ways:

1. Help out on a telephone fundraising campaign

We’re recruiting now for our next phone campaign which runs from 25 October to 3 December 2010 based out of the Karuna office in North London.

2. Join a door-to-door Karuna Appeal in 2011

3. Live in a fundraising community for a year

Feeling inspired? Curious to find out more?
Contact: Jo, Andrea or Amalavajra.
Phone: 0207 700 3434

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