Wednesday, April 28, 2010

video blogging from Windhorse:Evolution's month-long working retreat

Sugarbha writes from Windhorse:Evolution, the largest Right Livelihood business in the Triratna Buddhist Community. In their Cambridge warehouse they’ve been holding a month-long working retreat, video-blogging as they go.

He says - “Here, in part three, Arthapriya, the Windhorse Mitra Convenor, talks about work as practice and the importance of team based right livelihood as a Buddhist practice. There’s also clips of Vidyavajra leading the warehouse team in ritual around the giant Stupa in the centre of the warehouse. This is part three, the next clip will be the last in the series”.

New Developments @ Windhorse Part 3  on Vimeo.

The direct link is

Windhorse: Evolution is a successful business, trading ethically in giftware. It is the largest team based right livelihood business in the Triratna Buddhist Community, employing approximately 250 people in total. About 100 people work in the warehouse in Cambridge and a further 150 in the 18 Evolution shops around the UK and Ireland.

They sometimes have vacancies for men and women seeking to work in a Buddhist Right Livelihood environment; please check Triratna Jobs for the latest, or contact Windhorse direct.

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