Monday, March 15, 2010

Preceptors College reports on plans for 2010

Moksananda from the Preceptors' College writes with news of their plans for 2010 - including an appeal to support a part-time Secretary to the College.

The Preceptors' College are the body of senior men and women responsible for all ordinations into the Western Buddhist Order - collectively looking after the ordination requests of over 1500 men and women - not including as many again in India! So they need and deserve a bit of our support!

He says -

“ Most preceptors, public and private, just donate their time; they’re not supported to be preceptors. To be able to connect to thousands of men and women around the world, we do however need to support the chair and a part-time administrator of the college. This year we would also like to begin to provide the chair of the college with part-time secretarial support.

“We also help to bring public preceptors from India and Australasia to our meetings in the UK. It is an important link that keeps our Order and movement spiritually unified.

“To do all this we need to find £20,000 per annum. It’s not a lot, but we need to raise it. We have no ongoing funding apart from what we can raise from men and women who have asked for ordination and a few Order members who generously support us.

“If you have asked for ordination and live in Europe you should be receiving a letter from me soon, asking for your support in 2010. However, I thought I'd post something here too. Just in case there is anyone else out there who would like to contribute!

“Your financial support will make a real difference to how well we can do this work.

“In 2009 we set out to raise £15,000, and finally raised a total of £12,257. That's fantastic! I have written to nearly all our supporters thanking them for supporting us in 2009. There are a few, however, who I have not been able to track down. If that's you, then please be assured that all of us in the College really want to thank everyone who donated, whether by standing order or one-off donations. People contributed from the UK, Europe, and from Australia and New Zealand too. We have the beginnings of a worldwide community to support the work of the college.

“This year we hope we can build on that growing support and reach our new target of £20,000 - this is so that we can support a part-time secretary for Dhammarati, the College’s Chair. Please, help us to help those who wish to commit themselves to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha and be Ordained into the Western Buddhist Order.

“You can find more about our work, including details of who is supported, and information on how to contribute, on our website Alternatively, skip straight to our JustGiving page at!

“Many thanks.


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