Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Worcester buys their Buddhist Centre

The FWBO's Worcester Buddhist Centre have had a remarkable fundraising success - putting together the money needed to buy their Centre in just over four weeks!

Vajragupta reports - 

"Around 2002, FWBO classes began in Worcester run by Order members from the Birmingham Buddhist Centre. Over the years a small, budding sangha slowly emerged. The classes were held in hired rooms, which weren’t always that quiet or atmospheric.

"Then in early 2009 a couple of us started a small community in a rented house and for the first time the Worcester Sangha had its own home, a place where people could meet and meditate together in a dedicated shrine room.

"But in mid-January this year the landlords said their situation had changed and they needed to sell the house. It was very unlikely we’d find such a good house again, and, even if we did, the same thing could happen all over again. It looked like we had to take a rather disheartening step backwards.

"It seemed like a very long shot, but we just thought we’d see if we could raise enough money for a deposit to buy the house. First one person offered a large loan on generous terms. Then another person made a very generous gift. Maybe we could do it after all? We started asking more people outside Worcester for help. Many people in Birmingham responded with gifts. Word spread. One Order member in another city wrote and said her daughter had once attended the group and she’d like to help. A few other Buddhist Centres chipped in. It got more and more inspiring!

"The upshot is that - amazingly - we raised £55,000 in four weeks and are now in the process of buying the house. The Worcester Sangha will have a more secure home for years to come. We’re very grateful for the generosity that has made this possible".

Sadhu Worcester!

More details of their program on their website at www.worcesterbuddhistcentre.org.uk

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