Sunday, October 01, 2006

Towards a virtual Buddhist centre…

Over the past months the FWBO’s presence on the internet has expanded and diversified, to the point where there is talk of linking some of our sites up to form a ‘virtual centre’. For the benefit of readers of FWBO News, here’s a brief summary of the ingredients of such a site that are already in place. Comments on what else YOU’D like to see or how it could be organized are welcome, please post them here… Offers of help likewise!

· A general introduction to the FWBO, with links to all our centres:

· News items from around the FWBO: This site here! More contributors urgently needed, please send us news of FWBO events and developments in our area. There’s sections for job adverts, reviews, and feature articles too…

· An introduction to the diverse range of people involved in the FWBO, especially those with their own websites: More FWBO People welcome, contact Jayarava.

· A collection of photo albums from FWBO centres: More needed, if you’re based at an FWBO centre and would like to contribute please speak to someone at your centre then contact Lokabandhu. We have unlimited upload bandwidth and can create an unlimited number of albums…

· FWBO Dharma – a library of articles written over the years by Order Members and others:

· On-line meditation and dharma teaching is available from Wildmind:; coming soon is a vast library of free online Dharma talks courtesy of Dharmachakra:

· FWBO Events – see each centre’s website, but for retreats in UK, there is a new website summarizing all 8 UK FWBO Retreat Centres:

· If you’re looking for books, videos, or images, don’t go to Amazon or eBay, check us direct: for books; for videos; and for rupas and thankhas.

This is only a tiny selection of what’s out there; however if you go to any of the sites mentioned you’ll find a multitude of links to other parts of the FWBO and TBMSG.

Happy browsing!


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