Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lotus in the City - new LBC video

Lotus in the City is a new film about the LBC and the people who come to it. It was made by Upeksapriya and Maitreyabandhu.

Maitreyabandhu writes - It consists entirely of very short interviews with people who come along to the centre – something like 50 people. There's no voiceover, no title lines, no shots of meditation, or ritual, just people talking directly to camera. It is 54 mins long but made up of ‘chapters’ – such as getting involved, meditation, retreats, families, communities, the Right Livelihood businesses. In a completely non-hierarchical way it communicates what we do and why, and how it feels to be involved in the LBC sangha.

It could be shown in short sections as it cuts well into two 20min-ish films. We are in process of putting some of it on to our website. On the DVD (availalbe from the LBC) it has two extras – one on the early history of the Centre and one on the arts. Personally I think it really communicates very well something of the richness and diversity in the people around the Centre - it's warm, funny and inspiring.

Check it out on Upeksapriya's blog -


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