Friday, September 08, 2006

Launch date for Free Buddhist Audio

We're thrilled to announce the launch date for the new, free download and streaming service from the Dharmachakra sound and text archives.

The site is presently in beta testing and will go live on December 1st 2006 — with over 500 recordings in various languages to listen to online or download. Many of the talks will be indexed and audio-searchable, to help you find the information you need quickly — and we'll be adding more every week. We'll also be making available (for the first time) an extensive, fully searchable, online text library of seminars and talks on many aspects of the Buddhist path.

For screenshots, podcasts, and free introductory talks, visit



Blogger Walker said...

Good news for house bound people but I have yet to hear of any news of pujas and chanting - FWBO style.

Blogger Candradasa said...

Hi Walker,

Not sure quite what you meant here, but just to say there will be recordings available of pujas and chanting on the Dharmachakra website...


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